The Pageant With COACHES Instead Of JUDGES.

Rodeo For A Reason levels the playing field so that ALL girls 

(with or without disabilities, disadvantages or experience) 

have a chance at winning a National Title.

Miss Rodeo For A Reason gives ALL young women ages 14-24 an opportunity to advance leadership skills while learning more about horses and rodeo.

In this pageant, Coaches mentor Contestants on how to be a confident leader.. then, Contestants get the scorecards and ultimately decide who wins!


Your Support Will Help Mentor An Awesome Young Cowgirl!

Support The Pageant That Teaches Leadership Skills With COACHES, instead of JUDGES!

Ashleigh Frank

Miss Rodeo For A Reason

As Miss Rodeo For A Reason, holding this National Title opened doors for me to travel to The Grand Ole Opry, cameo in a pilot series for rodeo queens and attend other events that have opened more doors than any other title I've held.

Hannah Claxton, 

POSH Leader

"This pageant helped me to become more confident in myself and has grown my passion for the sport of rodeo. Now I understand the importance of being an advocate and improving my communication skills. Having Coaches instead of Judges felt like I had Mentors who would stick with me throughout my time in the crown, and help me grow as a person, not just as a representative of the organization." 

Emma Hollenback,

Social Media Leader

“This was the first pageant I have ever entered and I am so grateful that I did. Being apart of Miss Rodeo for a Reason has changed my life for the better and will continue in my future. This experience as a rodeo queen has pushed me out of my comfort zone and become more confident to try new things and meet new people. I will be forever grateful to have been apart of this organization because I consider these ladies on this court as my close friends. Having mentors instead of judges has made a world of a difference throughout the pageant process and during my reign as MRFAR Social Media Leader.” 

Micaiah Thomison, 

Horsemanship Leader 

"I entered this pageant not knowing how much it would help me with confidence. Becoming a Rodeo Queen pushed me out of my comfort zone with new experiences. It helped me be more confident and comfortable talking with many people in the rodeo industry. 

Having coaches rather than judges during the pageant makes A LOT LESS stressful!" 

 PLUS, the Miss Rodeo For A Reason Qualifiers will be featured on the NEW show Women's Western Sports Roundup on the Cowgirl Channel!



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